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When the chatter of the music biz got a little too loud for Seattle-based one-two punch Duke Evers (a moniker pinched from an intriguing character in the Rocky trilogy), the rock n’ roll duo simply turned up the amps and pounded harder on the drums. You can’t begin to please the suits if you can’t even hear their pleas. 

This exhilarating outburst against the industry is captured on Duke Evers’ sophomore album, Dreams And Desires That Are Common To Youth. Here, the pair place youthful f@#&-you passion above all, and come out swinging with an uncompromising collection of imaginatively-arranged, and infectiously-catchy rock n’ roll.

When the twosome pick up instruments, the artistic flow is fiery, immediate, and effortless. Together, the duo wind through rugged blues-rock, adventurous and trippy textural moments, dirge-y riffage, dance-y grooves, and desert-rock passages. Duke Evers counts heavyweights such as Led Zeppelin, Tame Impala, and Queens Of The Stone Age as formative influences. 

Previously, the pair has issued one full-length, and an EP. Thus far, its output has been praised by Seattle Music Insider, Seattle Music News, and Electric Sloth.com. Duke Evers has performed locally at the famed The Crocodile and the Tractor Tavern; performed at CMJ in New York; and appeared at events such as Volume Fest, Capitol Hill Block Party, Bumbershoot, Upstream Music Festival, Fisherman’s Village Music Festival, and Botanique Festival in Bologna, Italy. In addition, the band has shared stages with Portugal The Man, Mudhoney, Alex Clare, Austin Jenckes, White Buffalo, Leighton Meester, My Goodness, and Bright Light Social Hour, among others. 

Duke Evers’ album title is both playful and sincere. Kyle and Josh are now living the dreams and desires alluded to in the name. They’re taking the reins on their career, they’re self-releasing their music, and the guys are being unrelenting in following their artistic desires. Josh concludes: “It was liberating to hold the test pressing of this album because we did fulfill these desires—we made a record that sounds awesome and is true to ourselves.”


Vocals, Guitar / Josh Starkel
Drums / Kyle Veazey



What people are saying


Disparate influences somehow manage to both show off and merge into a cohesive, compelling work while the twosome’s live magnetism all but pops out of the spearkers.
— Seattle Music Insider
Boasting impressive vocal range and variety, lively acoustics, and contagious dance rhythm, this album is sure to put a smile on your face and sway in your step.
— Electric Sloth.com
Clad all in black, with his hair slicked back, Starkel is like some alien combination of Elivis, G-Easy, and Freddie Mercury. That’s a lof of big names to throw around, and to live up to, but Starkel has a natural magnetism on stage, an “x-factor” that few artists possess.
— Seattle Music News

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