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It’s almost impossible to find a good roommate through a ‘wanted’ ad, let alone a good bandmate, but Seattle-born, indie rock duo Duke Evers found exceptions to both rules. Though both members were in separate bands at the time, Kyle Veazey (drums) and Josh Starkel (guitar/vocals) discovered through living room jam sessions that they were meant to join forces and create barn-burning rock ‘n roll, with blue- flavored pop melodies.

The band quickly landed several shows around Seattle, including a June 2013 show at The Crocodile which led to immediate request to come back the next month for a bigger event, followed by a headlining gig at the Tractor Tavern, and showcases at CMJ 2013 in New York.

In the four years since inception, Duke Evers has played Capitol Hill Block Party multiple years in a row. Took on monsoon style thunderstorms in 2015 at Bumbershoot and joined the ranks of awesome bands who played the first annual Upstream Music Festival in 2016.

They released their first full-length album, Velvet Hips in November 2016 and shortly after were signed to Another Century label. This dynamic duo make a lasting impression you don’t want to miss!


Vocals, Guitar / Josh Starkel
Drums / Kyle Veazey



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Disparate influences somehow manage to both show off and merge into a cohesive, compelling work while the twosome’s live magnetism all but pops out of the spearkers.
— Seattle Music Insider
Flaunting a killer wardrobe, flamboyant dance moves, and a fiery passion for what they do. Duke Evers brings a spectacular performance wherever they go.

Whether they are wrapped in gigantic fur coats performing for sold out crowds, or spending time in the studio, Duke Evers is a glowing representation of the indie pop rock scene.

Boasting impressive vocal range and variety, lively acoustics, and contagious dance rhythm, this album is sure to put a smile on your face and sway in your step.
— Electric Sloth.com
Clad all in black, with his hair slicked back, Starkel is like some alien combination of Elivis, G-Easy, and Freddie Mercury. That’s a lof of big names to throw around, and to live up to, but Starkel has a natural magnetism on stage, an “x-factor” that few artists possess.
— Seattle Music News

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