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Born from an unbridled urge to play pure, loud, energetic rock and roll, Seattle’s Duke Evers have crafted a beguiling universe of distorted nightmare dirges and infectious indie pop that begs the listener to dance. Their forthcoming record, Dreams and Desires That Are Common to Youth, showcases the innate chemistry at the center of the duo’s world with an evocative nod to a deep catalog of influences.

There 2nd full-length album releases May 2019, Dreams and Desires That Are Common to Youth is 9 tracks of pure energy. Produced by Casey Bates (Portugal. The man, INXS, MxPx), the new record is a compelling landscape of lush tones, electrified rhythms, and honest songwriting that feels both fresh and familiar. With its release, Duke Evers deliver one of the most exciting records to come out of Seattle this year, proving that intuition and independence are a force to be reckoned with.


Vocals, Guitar / Josh Starkel
Drums / Kyle Veazey



What people are saying


Disparate influences somehow manage to both show off and merge into a cohesive, compelling work while the twosome’s live magnetism all but pops out of the spearkers.
— Seattle Music Insider
Boasting impressive vocal range and variety, lively acoustics, and contagious dance rhythm, this album is sure to put a smile on your face and sway in your step.
— Electric Sloth.com
Clad all in black, with his hair slicked back, Starkel is like some alien combination of Elivis, G-Easy, and Freddie Mercury. That’s a lof of big names to throw around, and to live up to, but Starkel has a natural magnetism on stage, an “x-factor” that few artists possess.
— Seattle Music News

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